Helping Make Your Home Safer

Unfortunately, homes today are not as safe as they once were or you may even think. Increasing incidents of home burglaries are reported everyday even in the most pristine of neighborhoods. This is where installation of an integrated home security system becomes all too important. Almost obsolete are the use of keys and door locks as they are not a deterrent of a motivated intruder. If you are not staying current with the latest in home security system technology you could be exposing your family to unnecessary dangers.

Premier Custom Works with Larry Masci Electric are specialists in installing integrated home security systems.
What does an integrated home security system mean? Well, systems are built based on needs and budgets.

Most security systems employ a series of contacts or sensors positions at doors and windows. Indoor motion sensors primarily detect an intruder once they’ve entered your property, so they should be supplemented by sensors outside your home. Other basic elements of a successful home security system include the control panel, which connects your security system to a monitoring service and to its source of power; and a keypad where you’ll set and disarm your security system.

A system may also include integration of CCTV cameras (analog/digital, interior/outdoors), door locks, access control systems, hidden camera, alarm systems like glass break sensors, and siren horns. As technologies advance and prices become more affordable, the use of CCTV cameras is very common in homes today. While you are having a security system installed in your home, you can also have smoke detectors and CO2 dectectors installed that can sense smoke, dangerous fumes and heat.

Another important consideration when installing a security system is monitoring. A monitored home security alarm system is a system that it is connected and communicates with an off site company that will call the police or fire department if needs arises to dispatch any emergency help.

Installing a security system for your home is a smart move and being certain that it includes the all components necessary to adequately protect your property is imperative. Using a professional is always advised. Call us today.