Brilliant Lutron Lighting Solutions & Custom Scenes

Lighting your home is often the last thing to be done in interior design but it's worth spending some time on because it can be one of the most important ways to finish a room. Different lighting can have a massive impact on the feel of a room as well as your wallet...

Did you know that lighting accounts for almost 15%* of the average homeowner's monthly electric bill?

A great way to light a room and save on your monthly bill is by having a central lighting system; like Lutron.

With a variety of products ranging from dimmers, to sensors, to automated shades and thermostats, Lutron Electronics and HAI makes it easy for homeowners to save energy and create brilliant lighting scenes throughout their homes, whether you want to update one room or an entire home.
We are proud suppliers and installers of both product lines.

Some basic Lutron Lighting Ideas for your home that you can do right now...

  • Dimmers - Installing dimmers is one of the easiest green home improvements you can make and it enhances ambiance and creates a mood for romance. Dimmers work with all types of light sources, from incandescents and halogens, to dimmable compact fluorescents (CFLs) and dimmable LEDs. In addition, Lutron has dimmers that automatically save 15% energy over a standard switch.
  • Occupancy Sensors - An occupancy sensors turn lights on automatically when you walk into a room and turns them off when you leave a room, saving up to 10% lighting energy. A sensor is ideal for rooms where lights are often inadvertently left on, such as a child's room, garage or laundry room. Lutron has a full line of sensors, including wireless versions which are easy to install and have a 10-year battery life. Check out our video to the right.
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