Home Theater and Audio & Video

When you are selecting and home theater installation or audio/video company you want to be assured that they have the knowledge to coordinate your audio and video equipment into a synergistic system by designing and executing a custom installation plan - regardless of business or residential application.

Premier Custom Works has extensive knowledge in all types of A/V applications and equipment; BluRay/DVD and CD players, amplifiers, surround sound processors, loudspeakers, and all of the associated cabling.
  • Television Installations
  • In Wall Speaker Installations
  • Receiver Configurations
  • Universal Remote Programming 
We have complementary home and office construction skills that separates us from the average audio/video installer. This experience guides us in superior routing of cabling through the inside of interior walls and across ceilings.

Since we are a partner company of Larry Masci Electric we do not ignore the standard principles of electricity, such as electrical impedance, voltage ratings and safety procedures when dealing with electricity. You want to be sure you are matching the right amplifier to the right speakers, or awareness of how long you can run a specific type of cable before performance begins to suffer.

Wait! Are you looking for information on your Home Theater Installation or Steps to design a Home Theater?

Congrats! You have decided to build a custom home theater in your house. Here is some sound (pun) advise before you make any big decisions.
  • How many people are you going to seat?
  • Do you want an Automated Theater? You can add controls for the lighting, the projector, sound system, even the buttkickers that you can put into the chairs.
  • What's the theme of your room? When you decide the decor and theme of your room you can better determine the placement and style of the speakers and equipment. 

Set up an appointment with us and we can help you design the best home theater in town! We look forward to working with you.

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