Networks & WiFi

Wireless (WiFi) Home networks have lots of advantages. It is very convenient to have ability to use your laptop computer or game console for multi-player action anywhere in your home. Wireless home network are shared between all the computers in the coverage of this particular home wireless network automatically. This means that multiple computers can connect to the Internet every time they need. You can take your laptop, mobile phone, game console, or PDA with WiFi support from room to room or even outside, everywhere within reach of your home wireless network. Wires are inconvenient, expansive and ugly. It is a big advantage being able to connect to your favorite web page, read email and watch interesting video clips on the Youtube, all these without any need to bother with wires.

Premier Custom Works can configure your Wireless Home Network today!

 If you require a network in your home or office, home wireless network is great choice. Although we can professionally install wall jacks, you do not require to have cables all over your floor or under your desk. For meeting rooms and conference rooms, wireless is also an ideal choice - it's clean and efficient.