Control Everything in your Home

Are you getting fed up with finding the remotes of every of your electronic digital devices, a programmable Universal Remote Control offers a simple answer. A Universal Remote Control is a remote control that may be easily programmed to operate numerous manufacturers of one or more varieties of electronic devices gadgets such as TVs, music systems, Air-conditioners and tons of other products.
Picture this...
You want to watch a movie? Hit a 'Movie' button and it can  activate the TV, configure the TV to the DVD video input, activate the amplifier, configure the amplifier to the DVD audio enter, activate the DVD player, and begin the DVD playing. Now, enjoy. 
But wait, there's more!
Ever wish you could control a light with your iPhone, iPod or iPad? How about adjusting the thermostat or checking a web cam and unlocking a door?  Go ahead, turn your iPad or iPhone into the ultimate home control device. There are Home Automation apps for your iPhone or ipad let you control lighting, home security systems, climate control, irrigation systems and your home energy consumption from anywhere in the world.
HAI, one of our favorite manufacturers of integrated automation and security products, has an application for use on the Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.